You might have noticed that on the left there's a section of this site dedicated to climbing. Most of my time outside working hours is spent on a climbing wall or cliff. However, I love simply being in the outdoors and exploring, be it via skiing, scuba diving, or my most recent certification: sky diving - and a nice hike through the Redwoods isn't too bad either!

I grab a game of squash and racquetball when I can - they may look similar, but play very differently! - and am typically interested if someone wants a game of anthing I haven't tried yet.

In addition to the outdoor interests, I've spent time playing with websites and other coding, keeping an eye on general practices and standards. There has been a lot of music and language in my past, but both have become very rusty. I'm currently re-learning how to play piano ;-)

Other Information

In case anyone's still reading at this point:

  • I've got both UK and US nationality
  • I've lived in those two and Switzerland
  • I speak (Swiss) German fluently, with some basic Spanish and French thrown in
  • I currently live in Oakland, California

Enough? ;-)