I was introduced to climbing in 1999 by some workmates in Malvern. Two introduction courses with The Warehouse in Gloucester, and I was hooked. I picked it up again when I started my Masters at UCL in 2002 (Cambridge tends to be quite flat). Although I mainly get excited about climbing outdoors, I inevitably spend a lot of time training indoors. My time in Londond was mostly spent at the Castle, except on Wednesdays when at Mile End. In Oakland, I love the smallest of the Touchstone gyms, Great Western Power Company.

If you're ever in need of someone to drive out to some rock for the weekend, let me know. I have onsighted E4 and headpointed E5, but that was a good few years ago and I'm back trying to conquer E3. I boulder when I have to (in the "everything in the Peak is a high-ball boulder problem" sort of way), and ended up in Fontainebleau each Easter and September when back in the UK, playing on 6bs and getting one move further up Cul de Chien on each trip. On the US side, Tahoe, Yosemite, J-Tree and Bishop are all fun, but Red Rocks near Vegas is my favourite. 10s trad, and 11s bolted are fairly standard, but I thoroughly enjoy just being out on rock, covering distance at a lower grade.

A few videos of good rock fun and other climbing links: