060921 Birchens

Overview - Er... I've written this one up slightly too late to really remember most of the route, but I do remember it being a pleasant afternoon out with Ted and JdP. So, here's the list of routes I know I did (but perhaps not in chronological order).

Most of the climbs on Far Left:

Solo -
Bosun's Nose (S 4c)
Bosun's Crack (VD)
Bosun's Wall (VD 4a)
The Gangplank (1* M) - Oddly, for such an easy route, deserves the star!
Handy Crack (VD)
Visitors Only (1* HS 4a)
All Aboard (D)
Poop Deck Crack (1* S 4a)
Still can't commit to the middle move on Saltheart Foamfollower... must finish it at some point!

Scrim Net (1* E1 6a):

Solo - This falls into the catagory of "it can't be 6a, I did it easily", which perhaps doesn't really work as an argument. Probably 6a, probably E1 if you take gear for the half-height break, but either way, don't finish on the ledge, traverse right and tackle the upper slab direct. It's scary...

All other climbs on Crow's Nest / Emma's Slab:

Land Ho! (S 4c)
The Crow's Nest (2* VS 4c)
Look-out Arete (1* S 4a)
The Funnel (1* D)
Kiss Me Hardy (1* S 4a)
Victory Crack (1* HS 4b)
Victory Gully (S 4a)
Emma's Slab (1* VS 4b)
Emma's Dilemma (1* S 4a)
Emma Royd (VS 4c)
Emma's Temptation (1* HVD 4c)
Emma's Delight (1* HS 4b)
Deluded (VS 4c)
Emma's Delusion (1* S 4a)
The Prow (1* VS 4c)
Technical Genius I'll leave for now... However plausible 6a is, 6c ain't!