060401 Froggatt

Wow... It's April, and this is only the second time I've been in the Peak this year! The things you do for a PhD. Anyway, it was Chris' last time on grit for a while, so we headed for Froggatt (the best places for classics at all grades). We managed to arrive just after a shower, and left just ahead of another one, but had clear-ish skies overhead. Only draw-back was the wind!

Tody's Playground:

Boulder - whenever at Froggatt head down to the Playground to warm up. A good number of easy problems that can be made slightly harder by eliminating / traversing / sit-starts.

Tody's Wall (3* HVS 5a):

Seconded Chris - The sequence from the lower slab onto the upper one (no, not just the huge rockover) is just nice. The enjoyment comes from familiarity, I'm sure, but doing a proper mantel onto the jammed block, then throwing a foot next to your shoulder feel very smooth and enjoyable at this point. Still don't like the upper crack - I'd definitely place gear in Tody's then climb the wall right. Fantastic lead for Chris as it's his first time out in 6 months! Deserves all the stars you can give it!

Brown's Eliminate (3* E2 5b):

Led - I've been waiting for about a year to do this one - either due to conditions, or there always being someone else on it. Move up the crack, then get used to feet on the move over to the ledge - they don't get better. Technical crux definitely off the ledge, hardest move about 3 higher. The higher you get, the more you appreciate that it's a slab, not a wall, so trust the feet and keep moving. Very easy climbing at the grade, but it's a heck of flier if you mess it up! I ended up screaming at the wind, which was trying to pull me of left, just before salvation... Worth every star. Chris seconded.

What's Up Doc (E2 5b):

Top Rope - I have been to the crux (top slab section) three times now, and have never convinced myself to continue. I'm now thoroughly glad of this fact, as stepping into the upper pockets is fine, but what's happens next is tenuous smearing at a horrible height. 5b? Perhaps - my smearing is currently up to scratch. E2? Compared to Brown's, this is harder moves in a far more serious position. Won't be returning for the solo tick for a while, me thinks... Chris made the top section look good, but the start is almost as tricky!