040516 Ramshaw

Overview: If you want to get mauled, go here... Nice view down the valley, though a bit loud due to road (especially the motorbikes racing up and down). Louie Groove is a very out-of-place slab E1.

Leeds Slab (HS 4b):

Seconded, Paul led - Must allow the side-runner for the lower slab, otherwise it's VS. Nice fun moves up the top nose (yes, it does continue to the top!).

Louie Groove (2* E1 5b):

Led - After knowing the rest of the crag, this feels distinctly out-of-place... Nice tenuous footwork needed in the upper crack - fairly much a walk up to there - so get your head screwed on. Any number of different ways of doing those top moves; bridge out, smear everywhere; pick your favourite. Mine was use the side crimps, and keep your feet in the central crack-line. Take a 3 Microcam... Correctly stared, and probably low in the grade. Paul seconded.

Trivial Traverse (HVS 5a):

Not finished - Paul tried this one, got one move out and gave up. After a few joking comments, I had to try and got to the start to realise that he was probably right. A very rounded grit hand-traverse that seems to go on forever. Study the footwork before starting, or you'll make life a LOT harder for yourself. I placed two cams and then moved to the rock-over - I will put more gear in next time. ~3m swing, skin off the palm of my hand, and a slightly bruised ego. Oh well. Not sure that the fact I fell on my 5 microcam, and hence have more faith in it, is a good or a bad idea...

Hem Line (1* V3 6a):

Bouldered - Definitely not 6a (perhaps 5c); Might be V3 (or perhaps 6a) the other way round... First moves left to right are the hardest, with the last few being more interesting by far. Lots of other bouldering in the same area.